I use Zazu to keep track of my money.

* Launching early 2018

What is Zazu?

Zazu is a digital money account that keeps you in the know.

Zazu gives you instant updates of your spending on our companion app, available on Android and iOS. It automatically categorises your spending, allows you to set savings goals, pay friends instantly, and much more.


Zazu allows you to see live information about your account, showing how your money is being spent, with automatic categorising of spending habits.


When you sign up to Zazu, you get your own prepaid debit card, that you can use at any ATM, in any store that accepts card payments, and for online purchases. It works like any other debit card. To top it up, you can use any debit or credit card.


The Zazu app allows you to set saving and spending goals, it instantly updates your balance and if you ever lose your card, you can freeze it and replace it from the app.

The Zazu Card

  • Prepaid, so you can only spend what you load
  • Instantly lock the card if it’s lost or stolen
  • You can use it to shop online


Your financial control centre.

Receive realtime notifications of your spending, balance, and more.

Money. Simplified.

With Zazu, it's easy to open and manage an account from your phone.

Fast, simple payments

Paying bills? Paying family and friends? Do it all with the tap of a button with the Zazu app.

We are changing money in Africa forever.

Join us.

* Launching early 2018