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    What is Zazu?

    Zazu is a technology business which will be operating under a Central Bank of Zambia Electronic Money Licence. We exist to make sure that everyone can have a digital money account that helps them to achieve their goals in life.

    How can I get a Zazu account?

    Our accounts are only available to anyone living in Zambia, who is over 18 years old. To get an account with Zazu, you simply need to download the app (from Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store) and sign up. In order to make sure we remain compliant with Zambian & International Law, when you sign up, we need to perform some security checks. It normally takes us a few minutes to check and approve your account and if everything is approved, your account will be ready

    What products does Zazu offer?

    We focus on one product — a debit card linked to a mobile app. We do not pay interest on the balances. We also offer access to our Financial Educator Platform. This is where you can learn about the services or products offered by financial service providers. We will teach you about savings, safe borrowing etc. Thanks to our wonderful partners in Zambia, this service is entirely free and is accessible via our ZICTA issued SMS and Short-code. Just dial 619 or *619# to access the courses.

    Are there any account fees?

    We charge you a monthly fee of 20 Kwacha. We do not charge fees for using your card abroad. We do not charge you for withdrawing money from ATMs. We do not charge you for swiping your card at a POS machine.

    Can I get a loan or overdraft from Zazu?

    We do not currently offer any overdraft or loans. In the future, this might change and we will be sure to let everyone know via our apps/website and community pages.

    How can I load my Zazu card?

    You can load money to your Zazu card by using a debit or credit card. We are working to make sure that in the future, you will be able to load money to your Zazu account by using your mobile money account or by purchasing a voucher from a list of approved resellers in Zambia.

    How safe is my money with Zazu?

    We are currently in the process of obtaining an E-Money Licence from the Bank of Zambia. This means that neither Zazu nor our employees or partners have access to your money. If Zazu suddenly were to close down, your money would still be available to you. Furthermore, we use the latest technologies to encrypt your data and information, ensuring that it is always protected.

    How do I complain?

    If you are unhappy about the service you received from Zazu, the best way to complain is to tell us in the app. If you prefer, you can also write to us at: Zazu Complaints: 3rd Floor, Mpile Office Park, 74 Independence Avenue Lusaka, Zambia. Or you can send us an email on

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