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Zazu account

Accessible. Everyone – no matter where – can use it.

A helpful financial experience.

We have scoured the globe for the best technologies. And we have built the app around you and your individual needs. It doesn’t matter if you have never used any financial products or are an expert: our products are designed to be truly inclusive.

Transparent. Always see what’s happening with your money.

Instant notifications let you know exactly what you’re spending. We make charges that are fair and easy to understand. We help you manage your money every step of the way, and even help you to learn about budgeting, finance and savings.

Zazu application

Digital-only. No need to go anywhere.

All you need is our app, and you can use it with a smartphone or feature phone.

Afraid you might get lost? Don’t worry, we have in-app customer support, whenever you need it.

Zazu card

Smart. You can trust us to look after your money.

Your money is kept in a protected, ring-fenced account that is safeguarded under the National Payment Systems Act.

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