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Where it all started

At 4am in a public transport ‘kombi’, our founder Perseus witnessed an 80 year old lady carrying produce to market. She knew that if she didn’t wake up in time, or walk the 1 1⁄2hour to the road, she would miss the best buyers from the market. But she had a phone to communicate with her grandchildren, about her journey. So he came up with an idea - markets that come to you. Irregardless of location.

What started out as a way to pass market prices to smallholder farmers in emerging markets, is now changing the lives of many farmers across the world.

Zazu helps everyone make competitive decisions on buying and selling. Zazu will continue to simplify the value chain with one of the planet’s most valuable resources: food.

Zazu API

Zazu is used by food retailers & processors to find the right produce, from the right producer, with minimum effort and fuss. Integrate the power of effortless sourcing into your business processes with the Zazu API. Zazu API will scale your business, so whether you are seeking grapes for your winery, maize for your brewery, cotton, tobacco or our favorites, more peanuts for your money, get the API now.

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